Justin + Hannah Kelly

Nashville, TN based Wedding Photographer and Filmmaker


He likes computers, I like puppies.

He drinks coffee, I eat jello.

He shoots video, I shoot photos.

We spend our days researching the latest tech trends, napping with our two puppies, celebrating life and forgiveness with our church family, loving our family, and enjoying our life together. We do what we love. Our passion is joining in the celebration of others and capturing those special moments that can’t be relived.

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Toy: $1 toy from WalMart | Sleep Spot: the couch | Food: Bacon | Game: Hide & Seek  |  Best Friend: Lady | Activity: Riding w/ the windows down | Worst Habit: Barking | Best Trait: Calm  |  Worst Fear: Vacuums


Color: White | Flower: Poppy | TV Show: The West Wing  | Movie: Lord of the Rings | Sonic Drink: Lemon Slush  |  Animal: Snow Leopard | Vegetable: Green Beans | Food: Fried Potatoes  |  Smell: Tea  |  Social Media: Instagram (@hannahskelly) | Candy: Gummy Bears | Indulgence: Law & Order SVU Marathon  |  Season: Fall | Cake or Pie?: Cherry Pie | January or July?: January | Mac or PC?: Mac  |  Ocean or Mountains?: Mountains  |  Day of Choice: Saturday | Essential Item: Head Band  |  Home Town: Sparta, TN


Color: Blue | Flower: . . . next question | TV Show: The Office | Movie: What About Bob  |  Sonic Drink: Cherry Dr. Pepper | Animal: Annie | Vegetable: Cucumber | Food: Pizza  |  Smell: Leather  |  Social Media: Instagram (@justinlkelly) | Candy: Fudge | Season: Fall | Cake or Pie?: Cake | January or July?: July  |  Mac or PC?: Mac | Ocean or Mountains?: Mountains  |  Day of Choice: Sunday | Essential Item: iPhone  |  Home Town: McMinnville, TN


Toy: rawhide  | Sleep Spot: hard floor   | Food: cheese  | Game: lick everyone in sight  |  Best Friend: Annie  | Activity: Be wherever Hannah is  | Worst Habit: licking  | Best Trait: protective  |  Worst Fear: Hannah leaving her sight