Their day. It was full of surprises. It is also one of my favorite weddings to date. 

We started the day with lightening and a few loud pops of thunder. It rained, hard. We pulled out the clear umbrellas and were prepared to get wet. Mia's dream was to get married on her grandparent's front porch. They decided to continue with the plan but keep it more intimate with just their closest family. They would meet up with the rest of the guest at the reception. We took photos, dodged the rain drops, guys set up a few seats out front. 

Then, as we stood under the protection of the porch, the clouds broke. The sun came out. A rainbow appeared. It was twenty minutes until the ceremony and the sun was shining. I still smile when I think about it. 

They were married on Mia's grandparent's front porch, surrounded by all of their friends and family, with the sun shining on their backs.