Location, location, location! 

Choosing the location for your session can be fun or stressful! Lets make it fun! I have included photos and a short description from the different places we have shot around middle Tennessee. Remember, these photos are taken at varying times of year. Try to envision the season your photos will be in and how they will look in each location. If you have questions about the location in your season, just ask! 

Harlinsdale Farm | Franklin, TN

From fields, to barns, to fence rows, this location has about everything you could want for a session. It is also walking distance to downtown Franklin! And it is free! This location does host events throughout the year. It is important to make sure they are open to the public for when your date is set. 

Downtown | Franklin, TN

There are so many fun and cute options for downtown Franklin. I have only shot a few but the possibilities are endless. Harlinsdale Farm is also within walking distance! Also free!

Downtown | Nashville, TN

With a green park right beside where we park, we are able to get all of the urban photos you want plus a few green ones too! We typically shoot on the pedestrian bridge and mingle down to a few side streets. 

Ellington Ag Center | Nashville, TN

This location is full of different backdrops! From old homes/stables, to open fields, to tree covered paths, it is a location that can provide all the different scenes you were looking for. It is a huge location with tons of options. 

Carr Home | Sparta, TN

This is a private residence with a huge front yard that looks perfect in every season. It also has an adjoining field that is good for photos. 

Family Farm | Crossville, TN

This is my aunt's horse farm on the Cumberland Plateau. It's many scenes include a private lake, numerous huge fields, barns, and tree covered paths (and a creek we could hike to!). It is out of the way but offers many options. 

Downtown | Sparta, TN

This is where I grew up. The downtown is full of character and great backdrops for photos!

Green Door Gourmet | Nashville, TN

I am not sure if this location is open to the public. I would have to call and find out. There may be a fee if it is. But this location is full of different scenes. From out buildings, to an open field, to different flowers depending on the seasons, it is definitely a great venue (it is also a wedding venue). 

Samary Plantation | Nolensville, TN

This private farm south of Nashville is breathtaking. It sets between huge rolling hills. With fence and tree lined driveways, it makes it perfect for photos. There are numerous barns and open fields too!

Sam Davis Home | Smyrna, TN $45

This is where to come if you are looking for cotton (only in the fall)! But there are planning of scenes for every time of year.  There is a beautiful old home, old barns, garden areas, fences, and open fields. We even saw some dear once! Appointments have to be made in advance to make sure it is available. 

Cenntinial Park | Nashville, TN $250

All city parks require a permit to shoot. Centennial Park is a great option for different beautiful landscapes. It is well maintained with lots of flowers! Make sure there are no events going on or it can become a nightmare to park/move around. 

Rock Island | Sparta, TN 

Beaches in middle TN? Yes! This location offers some rare scenes for the typical TN session. There is a sandy and rocky beach, open fields, tree lined paths, and of course, waterfalls!!

Percy Warner Stairs | Nashville, TN

This location is in the west side of town and offers a variety of backdrops. It is free to the public, so it is sometimes crowded. The sun sets earlier than normal here, so the session would need to begin earlier than planned. There is no public restroom or place to change. 

Tower Park | Brentwood, TN

This hidden treasure is only known by runners and dog owners. It is never overrun with other photographers. Just off i65 at Concord, it is convenient to most places in Nashville. There are tree covered walk ways, large fields, and beautiful bridges. There is a public restroom, but it may not always be unlocked for the public. 

Side of the Road | Brentwood/Antioch/Nolensville 

This completely unknown location is one of my favorites. I drive by this spot everyday and decided to finally take some clients. There isn't much variety, so it isn't always the best for a full session. But it is the perfect location for a mini session. There are curving paths all throughout, so we can always find a spot with excellent lighting. But, we do have to park on the side of the road (non busy road) to access it. 

Family Farm | Sparta, TN

These few spots are found around my parent's farm. There are lots of lovely locations (if we step around the cow manure). 

Cheekwood | Nashville, TN | $250+

This stunning location in Nashville is full of different backgrounds for photos. It is more expensive to shoot here and the shoot would need to be scheduled.