Justin and I are high school sweet hearts that now live in the suburbs of Nashville with our two very hairy pups. Most days you can find me hid up in my office working away. At some point, we (me and the pups!) will take a long nap. Our evenings are spent eating dinner while watching the Preds score or catching up with our latest Netflix addiction. 

Our wedding images are real, timeless, and full of moments. We strive to capture each day uniquely, because each wedding is different. The candid moments that aren't on the shot list are the photos we look for. We are there to capture each moment, but we are also there to wipe tears, bustle dresses, and grab flowers. We pray, years from now, as you hold each photo, the joy from your wedding day overflows. Each stream of light, each stretching smile, and each kiss, are moments that endure through your photos.